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How to Select The Perfect Bike Lock

Bikes are extremely useful whether you just want a nice, lavish, refreshing ride or a quick trip down the supermarket but as much as they are convenient, they may be stolen in a jiffy if you are not around. To ensure full security, you need to invest in good quality bike locks.It is likely that it may disappear in a split second or you may not be able to run behind the stranger.

Mentioned here are a few different types of bicycle locks that might offer the best kind of protection.


This is, of course, the basic feature you would expect from any lock but it is essential that the locking system for bikes is stronger as it is usually parked in the outdoor, rugged environment where the probability of it getting stolen is high.


You need to keep in mind that these are easy to break and often are affected by rains or sunlight. Along with this, it should be able to hold on your helmet and other items, when you are in a rush.

Bicycle U Lock

While the smaller locks allow you to secure only the frame of the cycle, the bigger ones help you protect the wheel as well and it is best to get a U-lock which is tested to be strong and withstand different attacks from hammers, crowbars, etc.

Chain Lock Type

In case you don’t have space for you U-lock, you may opt for this one made of a metal chain with a protective nylon cover.

Cable Lock

These may be easily broken using bolt cutters, thus, are not recommended for long-term locking.

You may get the finest of locks at a great price, but if it does not fit your bike, it is of no use so you need to keep in mind the requirements of your vehicle and buy one.

Locking your bike

Always make it a point to secure both wheels every single time.Either lock the front wheel together with the rear one or use two separate bike locks to secure your cycle. Especially if you own a mountain bike that comes with a quick-release seat post, make sure you have taken necessary measures to secure your seat as well.

Never chain your cycle with a signpost that has no sign on the top. It is not very difficult to lift it over the sign post. While you may assume that picking up your mail or delivering a package will take you only a few minutes; those few minutes are enough for a well-practiced bicycle thief to do his job. The bet leading providers offer one of the best lighting solutions for your bike.

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