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How to Make Your Buck Party Rock and Stay Safe

It can be daunting to organize a buck party, especially with so many people coming and you just want them all to be impressed. What you should keep in mind, however, is that this isn’t about you or the things you like. You may be all for vats of alcohol and nude girls, but unless the buck loves them to, the party could be plain disastrous.

So how do you see to it that the party actually rocks without causing problems? You just can’t tell for sure, but you can use the following tips as your guide:

The Guests

It’s always smart to pick your activities according to who’s coming. If you’ll be inviting older men, for example, keep their entertainment in mind as you make plans.

Ice Breaker

As there will probably be a lot of people not having met before, you should have some type of ice-breaking activity before kicking off the party. This can be done however you want, but in many buck parties, this is done simply by having each guest give a self-introduction and tell the other guests how they know the couple.

The Alcohol

Obviously, alcohol plays a huge part in most – if not all – buck parties, so it deserves its own section here. Not that there’s something special about it, but you do need to keep it slow as you start the party. People getting drunk a bit too fast is the last thing you want to happen at a buck party.

Dare Games

If you’re thinking of having dare games as part of the night’s “program,” do it by all means. But remember that these things can quickly spiral out of control, so make sure everyone is up for the idea right from the start.

Keeping Connected

As the one in charge of the party, be sure to have your mobile phone with you. Even if you’re a small group painting the town red, it’s easy to lose track of each other as the night wears on. Keeping everyone close won’t be such a feat if you have your phone with you. Who needs that kind of distraction anyway?

The Bride and the Groom

If you’re thinking of playing a trick on the groom, be a hundred percent sure he can deal with it. The jitters and stress that come with an upcoming wedding can totally dampen humor and ruin the party. Don’t be surpised.

Whatever the specifics of your buck party plans, always keep these tips in mind. Most importantly, be easy on the groom. He has to attend a wedding!

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