Why Visitors Choose Apartment Hotels in Melbourne Instead of Hotels

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Every year thousands of visitors flock to Melbourne, Florida, which keeps area hotels booked solid. However, not every guest chooses standard accommodations. Many opt for comfortable Apartment Hotels in Melbourne. The choice provides guests with amenities that combine hotel and apartment features. Some guests choose the apartments because they offer affordable temporary accommodations, while others use them as long-term lodging.

What Sets an Apartment Hotel Apart

Apartment Hotels combine the features of standard hotels and apartment homes, which has made them very popular in the U.S., Canada and some Asian countries. Most do include housekeeping, but not as regularly as hotels. Linens are not replaced as often and there are no 24/7 concierge services. Many apartment hotels do not offer guest services on the weekends. However, apartments have full kitchens. Guests pay security deposits and checkout usually includes damage inspection. Apartments are generally rented for longer periods of time than standard hotel rooms.

Apartment Hotels Are Often Economical

The choice to rent in an apartment hotel is often a financial one. Business travelers and vacationers who are staying for a week or more often find that apartment hotel rates are less expensive per day than hotels or motels. In most cases guests get the most economic benefit from longer stays, they can arrange for shorter stays. The apartments are good choices for those who are enjoying extended vacations or visits. Apartment hotels vary in price and quality. Like hotels, some budget chains are excellent, but offer fewer amenities than higher priced alternatives.

Cozy Apartments Can Be Permanent Residences

Many guests use apartment hotels as long-term residences. The accommodations are ideal for those on work assignments or new residents who have not yet found permanent homes. Since most chains do not check credit, the apartments also appeal to those whose credit makes it difficult to rent conventional homes. There are also guests who are going through life transitions and do not want to make a long-term commitment.

Apartment hotels provide the ideal balance between a hotel and a standard apartment. They include some housekeeping services and full kitchens. Apartment hotels can be the most affordable options for guests who need accommodations for more than a few days.



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